Design of Development programs

Development programs are the most effective way to successfully develop employees with key positions in an organisation. The Neulands Academy for Modern Leadership brings the expertise of an experienced training and consultancy provider to the design and implementation of your development program, providing comprehensive, customised and integrated development for leaders, specialists and project managers. 

Thanks to our many years of experience in consultancy we ensure that each program is perfectly suited to your corporate landscape in terms of content and methodology. At the same time we understand which interventions your leaders need to be able to develop further in line with the program and company objectives. 

Development programs by Neuland are:

Holistic, as they target comprehensive development. They do not operate selectively, at randomly chosen positions, but nurture all the relevant competencies of a target group. Each one of our programs supports the targeted and needs-based development of people in key positions - and thereby of the entire company. 

Customized, as they vary depending on the company‘s environment and direction and always take the individuals into consideration. Each program is new and different. To qualify sustainable, we take on the concrete challenges faced by people in key positions within the company. The more precisely a program represents the needs of the target group, the greater its use. Individual differences between program participants are identified by means of proper analysis tools. We support the progress of each leader with an accompanying development dialogue.

Integrated, as they take into account the circumstances of the environment and are more than just a sequence of seminars. On the one hand, each program must be tailored to the objectives, strategies, needs and developments of the organisation in order to be effective. On the other hand, it is important to combine seminars, practical elements and the learning from another.

The different components of our programs interconnect and create diverse links to the daily leadership routine, thereby creating real learning and development processes. The more integrated and integrative the development program, the more effective it is. 

By taking these three aspects into consideration, we produce development programs which are seamlessly integrated, which ensure clarity and consistency and which achieve the greatest impact. They generate measurable progress on two levels: for each individual participant and in the company as a whole.

With the following steps we proceed:

  1. Lay the foundations. We analyse what drives the organisation to implement a development program. These determined reasons form the basis for the evaluation of the program. We create a connection to the company‘s vision, mission and strategy and translate this into an attractive development philosophy for the target group. 
  2. Visualise the future. We enter into discussion with the stakeholders and representatives of the target groups to create gap analyses on this basis and to ensure the necessary commitment from sponsors.
  3. Design the architecture. We plan the process and the accompanying communication measures together with those responsible.
  4. Design the development elements. We conceptualize the individual development elements and building blocks of the program and their interplay. 
  5. Lead, support and evaluate. We accompany the development process, make its impact transparent and optimise the process focussing on the desired results.



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