What is Leadership Consultancy?

For us, leadership consultancy means the provision of consultancy and support for decision makers on strategic issues. Decisions made on this level have wide-reaching effects on the entire organisation; this is where key points are established and courses are set. 

Central issues include:

  • What leadership culture exists already and in what direction should it be developed? 
  • How clearly are company values formulated?
    How sustainable are they? 
  • Are there guiding principles for leadership, and if yes, do they offer sufficient space for individual and authentic leadership? 
  • How can the system (organization) and the people be better brought together? Which comprehensive approaches are needed to provide greater opportunities for action and increased effectiveness?
  • Which mega-trends have an effect on employees and leaders and how does the organisation want to respond? 

With reference to questions like these, we work with your leaders to identify the characteristics of your organisation. We act as expert independent consultants, providing support from an external perspective, in order to enable you to see the whole picture, to develop intelligent and functional concepts and to turn these into reality.

An important aspect is the development of the leaders themselves. The development of leaders should be firmly anchored in the strategic objectives and attuned to the overall direction. It is therefore important, alongside leadership consultancy and together with those responsible for leader development, to reflect on its alignment with strategy (strategic levels) and to derive appropriate measures (operative levels). Expert consultancy on leader development is obviously also useful and possible independent of leadership consultancy.


Our priorities in design and implementation:

  • We believe it is important that concepts are not created on the drawing board, but developed together with you 
  • We not only design, but plan and support the implementation too
  • We use our methodology skills to reach integrated, transfer-oriented and pragmatic solutions
  • Communication, interlinking and integration are crucial factors for success
  • We regard leaders and employees as experts in their organisation
  • We ensure clarity over who has what responsibility: leaders and decision-makers for agreed solutions and their implementation; us for the control of processes. We take on different roles, e.g. as providers of ideas and structures, activators, steersman, irritants, moderators, mediators, experts, supporters, feedback-givers, admonishers, etc.
  • We attach importance to adequate evaluation of the changes


  • Personnel development consultancy for leader development
  • Development of guiding principles for leadership
  • Development of vision and mission
  • Implementation of company values 
  • Anchoring health issues in a leadership context
  • Tie in and capitalise on millennials


Initial position and control in leadership consultancy function like a cock pit.

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