Integration of Management Tools

The individual should master the system, not the system the individual. A consistent and respectful leadership culture is a key factor for the success of your leaders and thereby your company. Management tools provide the means with which your leaders can intervene systematically and directly. 

All management tools used must be suited to the organisation and its culture and should interconnect well. They create uniformity and structure and ensure behavioural safety of employees and leaders. On a system level, they help to synchronise different sections of the company. They promote flexibility in detail by means of a coordinated approach in the overall context. In conjunction, they have a positive impact on the company and leadership culture. 

Management tools can only be effective if they are understood and convincingly experienced by individual leaders. If implemented mechanically or to excess, they can lead to the over-control and paralysis of the company. That particularly applies when their purpose is not clear, when they are too complicated or when they blind leaders to the actual problem or its solution.

Our priorities for design and implementation:

  • Customised alignment of all tools to specific needs, already existing tools, core processes, overall orienta-tion and to the leadership culture of the organisation
  • Adequate communication during the integration of the tool, gathering of feedback on its impact
  • Enabling leaders to implement new tools functionally and on-the-job supervision of leaders
  • Evaluation of the tools introduced or improved with our support

We offer support in the development, introduction and optimisation of:

  • Appraisal interviews (e.g. regular reviews, return to work discussions, agreement of objectives)
  • Competency models, competency profiles and potentials analyses
  • Target systems
  • Feedback discussions (e.g. leadership feedback, feedback for employees, moderated feedback discussions)
  • Mentoring models and processes for young leaders
  • Reverse mentoring (by young employees for „old hands“)

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