Blended Learning

People learn better when learning content is adapted to their everyday work situations and when new knowledge can be gradually integrated and transposed. Face-to-face training sessions are a valuable element of these processes, but in our opinion only a part. In order to embed training into everyday situations, it is important to supplement it with appropriate measures and thus ensure transfer.

This is where our services come into play. We provide support for you to initiate sustainable learning processes. These include small and large steps, which we design in collaboration with you. In the same way as a project needs a planning stage, descriptions, milestones and clear responsibilities. That is how you can significantly increase the effects of your personnel development measures and anchor the desired changes in everyday situations.

Reference project

  • As part of a further training programme for technical medical expert trainers, face-to-face training on the sustainable design of training measures (3 x 2 days)
  • Consultation and conception workshops in a global chemical concern on the implementation of complex further training measures across all sectors (2 x 2 days)
  • Qualification of international consultants in various subject areas with a pilot event, tasks integrated within the internal learning management system, upstream and downstream, several face-to-face days and additional tests for certification


Blended Learning



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