Personnel Development

As a training and consultancy firm, the development of employees is our core skill. We are happy to make our expertise directly available to your personnel development team. We can advise you on the structure and position of personnel development in your company, support the development, planning and implementation of concrete measures or teach core personnel development skills (e.g. task clarification conception). We are happy to „lend“ you an experienced expert, to support you in the introduction, design or revision of personnel development projects and processes. In this way you can build professional personnel development, without having to recruit professionals to your company.

We believe that the development of personnel is a key success factor for every company. We also understand the variety of methods used. We begin wherever you need us. Our experiences in this field are similarly varied.

Reference projects

  • Joint yearly needs assessment and planning of appropriate measures, after the client changed its strategy towards „customer focus“
  • Consultation, team development and training for personnel development employees with the aim of building an independent personnel development department
  • External personnel development for a medium-sized business
  • Building an internal „academy“ as part of the strategic reorientation of the company


Personal Entwicklung



Dr. Jürgen Sammet
Head of Lerning & Development
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