Neulands Institute for Personnel Development

Neulands Institute for Personnel Development develops strategically important core competencies in your employees. The „learning & development“ area is aimed at all the „development workers“ in your organisation: staff developers and leaders, as well as internal trainers, consultants, moderators and coaches. We enable these people to bring the company closer to the ideal „learning organisation“ through their work and their example. The optimisation of „moderation, communication & collaboration“ is the second focus area. Here we develop individual key skills such as presentation, rhetoric, conversation or moderation, as well as the ability of teams to work together efficiently and effectively. In the area of „self-management and coaching“ we address topics such as the management of stress, time, performance and health and support individual employees through coaching. The aim is to develop a resource- and solutions-based, learner-friendly attitude, which has a positive impact on employee satisfaction and the overall performance of the company.