Our understanding of Moderation

The central motif of Neuland-Moderation is "Make affected parties to stakeholders".

Wherever people work together in groups, the results are not yet defined and the potential of employees, teams and workgroups shall be really used our moderation method has proven itself. It lives by efficient working techniques, targeted process designs and a goal- and process-oriented attitude of the moderator.

"Artist" and "engineer"

In our moderation approach it is about combining different methods, concepts, conversation strategies and visualization techniques with each other according to the requirements of each situation. In our understanding the moderator joins the virtuosic flexibility of an "artist" with the systematic and structured approach of an "engineer" of communication processes.

The attitude of the moderator

Moderation not only offers a technical and methodological repertoire, it is also and above all an expression of a respectful attitude. The activation and participation of all participants and the acceptance of their contributions are in the foreground. The moderator sees itself as a methodical helper and catalyst of the group. His own opinions and objectives set back in many stages of the process, thus helping the participants to act self-responsible. If it is helpful for the group process, the moderator also sets bold impulses. Moderation is a form of work and a leadership style at the same time.


The Neuland-Moderation provides a variety of useful tools and techniques available. Depending on the moderated event - meeting, project meeting, target agreement workshop, strategy meeting or final conference - they can be precisely combined. The range of applications extends from Jour fixe to information and training events, problem and conflict solutions to the design of complex, multi-day development processes. Executives can benefit from our moderation method especially, since it allows a participatory form of leadership and liberates maximum motivation, creativity and identification for staff and colleagues.