Development programs for project managers

Most training programs for project managers concentrate on the „hard skills“ of project management, i.e. on methods and tools. However, really successful project managers do not just master the tools of the trade, they are above all good communicators and leaders. Our programs incorporate this dual challenge.

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The service is intended for:

  • Companies which would like to develop their project managers according to specific targets and needs
  • Project managers who would like to design their project management more effectively
  • Companies which are looking for a development program that is tailored to the project needs of their own company
  • Companies searching for a program that enables and supports career development and planning for project managers in the company
  • Companies which want to support their project managers and tie them in to the company

Program highlights:

  •  Effective and efficient control using project management tools and methods
  •  Leading of project teams under the specific conditions of project management and management of the environment with knowledge of the organisational structures
  •  Results-oriented integration of different interests
  •  Start with a Development Centre, conclude with an evaluation and certification workshop We implement the program in collaboration with our partner atrain.

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