So we work

So Arbeiten Wir

All our activities and interventions are designed with the aim to be expedient and meaningful for our clients. We support our clients „functionally“, i.e. in line with their own objectives - which may mean asking irritating questions. We take on responsibility for the development of individuals and groups or teams, as well as the entire organisation. 

Our mission is to deliver high-quality services, assessed primarily according to the success of the learning transfer. This quality and transfer is achieved through:

  • detailed clarification of your request and assignment
  • practise relevant work
  • pragmatic, scientifically-based content
  • a sophisticated, didactic design
  • an unusual, but reliable and effective, choice of methods
  • a holistic approach 
  • the integration of individual elements in an overall architecture, and
  • the alignment of all measures to organisational objectives and circumstances

We believe it is important for our consultants, trainers, coaches and moderators to have excellent qualifications. This is our most important investment, in order to deliver high-quality services to our clients. From the start of a project, we evaluate the results with a view to the actual development objectives. We work on every continent and in the world‘s most important languages (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Chinese).

Whether we consult, train, moderate workshops or coach managers, there are several recurring features in our work.

  • Self-awareness: To develop the skills of employees and leaders, we aim to increase self-awareness.
    Self-aware people have improved abilities to deal with changes.
  • Reflection: We offer plenty of space for reflection.
  • Performance through security: We generate and maintain a high level of performance in employ- ees, by creating security through the development
    of management skills. 
  • Critical feedback: We always consider the
    resources and strengths of our clients and do not
    hesitate to address shortfalls, so that they can be taken in hand.
  • Context: We consider and include the organisational environment, the „context“, making our approach comprehensive and practical.
  • Contribution to leadership culture: Because we understand that we influence our clients‘ leadership culture, we approach our delegated tasks with great respect.