Learning and development

There are many different approaches to passing on knowledge within organisations, including:

  • Specialists teaching clients about new products
  • Colleagues providing information about new processes
  • Führungskräfte vermitteln im Jour fixe die neueste Vertriebstechnik


There are a series of questions involved in the design and implementation of these measures: How do I formulate the objectives? What should come across in terms of content? How do I build the event? Which methods shall I use and in what order?

When a short and snappy knowledge transfer is required, comprehensive training for the trainers seems over the top. Based on our wide variety of methods, we can give participants the exact tools they need for their training sessions, events and meetings.

The „basics“ of knowledge transfer include knowledge about the phases of an event and the various opportunities to shape the event methodically. Participants learn how to formulate the objectives of their event and to plan the measures intelligently.

We also provide support for the conception of specific events in any desired format: writing the complete concept, providing a sparring partner for the person responsible during conception, or by checking through the finished concept and adding the final touch as required.

Reference projects

  • Multi-level qualification programme for shift supervisors/ technical line managers for a food concern, including participation of superiors: 25 participants, 2.5 days
  • Disseminator training for employees in a software concern to introduce a new CRM system in the company: 20 participants, 2 days
  • Training as knowledge providers for product specialists with a financial service provider: 50 participants, 1.5 days
  • Individual online coaching on submitted event concepts for an international chemical concern



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