Services for experienced trainers

New tools and techniques usually do not help experienced trainers to further improve their events. Instead, this target group will find that working on their own individual personality is far more effective: How do I affect others with my personality? What are the most conducive behaviours? How important is e.g. tact and humour for the success of an event? It is often the small but good ideas that can have an unexpectedly huge impact. The growing complexity of qualification programmes means that trainers are increasingly in demand as expert consultants for their clients. Therefore it can also be useful to systematically improve skills in task clarification and conception.

We use special training and coaching sessions to work carefully and directly on developing the personality and skills of your trainers. We hold workshops and consultations together with participants to develop „best practices“ for training sessions and provide support for complex projects.

Reference projects

  • Interactive talk and workshop with experienced product trainers in an automobile concern on professional task clarification and consultation for internal clients: 50 participants, 1 day

  • Trainer qualification in a pharmaceutical concern on „designing sustainable training sessions“, including conception coaching to professionalise the training guidelines used: 30 participants, 2 days face-to-face training and individual email coaching

  • Regular workshops with training concept developers in an automobile concern to optimise their training guidelines in the areas of „participant motivation“ and “practical orientation“: 20 participants to date, every 2 days, on-going consultation project


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