HRM Interventions

HRM interventions aim to enhance overall organizational performance by improving the performance of individuals and groups within the organization. The meta-goal in these interventions is to create what is being called a “learning organization”. Human resource development comprises the procedures and processes that purposely seek to provide learning and development activities to enhance the skills, knowledge and capabilities of people, teams and the organization so that there is a change in action to achieve the desired outcome. It incorporates traditional views of training and development but seeks to extend attention to learning throughout an organization as a strategy to cope with change. The idea of „learning“ at work has become an obvious development, that needs to be develped further.

The following interventions belong to HRM interventions:

  • Performance design
  • Coaching
  • HR diagnostics
  • Learning Architectures
  • Intercultural Activities
  • Talent-Management
  • Career Planning and Development
  • Counceling Activities
  • Managing Workforce Diversity
  • Employee Wellness
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training
  • Development Programs
  • Knowledge transfer