Team Development and Group Processes Interventions

Team development and group processes interventions aim at improving different aspects of a group performance, such as goal setting, development of interpersonal relations among team members, role clarification and analysis, decision making, problem solving, and communities of practice, among other. One of the most important objective of team building interventions relies on improving interdependency of team members. The underlying premise is that the aggregated value of the team is much greater than any individual. Team building is applicable where group activities are interdependent. The objective is to improve the coordination efforts of members, which will result in increasing the team’s performance. The following interventions are applicable:

  • Goal setting and clarification

  • Development of interpersonal relations among team members

  • Role clarification and analysis

  • Decision making

  • Problem solving

  • Community of practice

  • Improving interdepences of team members

  • Conflict resolution

  • Mediation

  • Intercultural cooperation