Anyone who wants to contribute content and to get emotionally involved in important meetings and workshops as a responsible manager must leave the moderation and facilitation to a professional. From our neutral, mediatory and structured position we keep your goal in mind, initiate a constructive culture of dialogue and let co-sponsored solutions emerge by the participants. The breadth of our moderation offer ranges from a joint workshop to develop your concept, the process-oriented monitoring and visual documentation of the results to concrete suggestions for the further development of your organization.
The content portfolio, which we moderate, consult and facilitate encompasses large and small group formats on the following thematic priorities:

  • Strategy & Decision
  • Troubleshooting
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Failure & Culture Feedback
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Interface workshops - Annual Conference & Department workshops
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Leadership conferences
  • Team Development
  • Change processes

We see ourselves as an attentive and method competent partner in the facilitation of your process, helping with the "view from outside", distinguishing the essential from the less important, visualizing results consistently, making good decisions at the right time, demanding the commitment of all those involved and de-escalating and clarifing emerging conflicts. You will experience an event where everyone is working together on a topic goal oriented and is achieving results which would not be possible without moderation because of role overlaps, power games or thematic digressions.