Vibrant learning – our roots vibrant development – our future

1. Our roots – Moderation

In the beginning was Moderation. This method revolutionized the cooperation in companies and organizations. Moderation promoted transparency, involved employees in decision making processes and development issues. The high-quality visualisation and the common eye level at group works changed the cooperation in companies and organizations. Neuland placed this movement on a broad base and further developed the method. Our basic attitude today roots in this revolution.

2. Neuland – The world of vibrant learning

What could be more fitting then transferring the principals of Moderation to learning? This was revolutionary as well: Neuland focused on the learner and recognized the learner’s needs in the learning process. The principle of appreciation and personal responsibility of the learner applied. Neuland created a new world of learning with a supportive design of the learning environment, holistic models (head-heart-hand), creation of meaning and a new relationship between learner and teacher. Active learning should not only take place in seminar rooms, but in all places of learning. Also and above all in companies.

3. The leap to Neuland Development & Training

The 1990ties placed further emphasis on learning. Praxis orientation was required, the learning transfer from the seminar room to the actual work place should be optimised. The effectiveness of learning processes have been under discussion too. We took up these demands before their time – and developed an eclectic mix of formats, methods and theories. So we created experiences and experiments in learning processes for the learner in order to gain sustainable efficiency of the measures. For us its also been about a new understanding of quality. Professionalism hand in hand with innovation leads to mastery

4. We develop futurities!

Vibrant learning is our root. But for our century it takes more. Our world has become faster, more complex, interconnected, global and multicultural. We are living in times of radical change. This means for us: It’s about development, not just about learning and knowledge. The fusion of training, coaching, consulting, facilitation and moderation is key to successful development work in organizations. Learning and working become one and loose their formerly divided space and time. We implement context specific and suitable interventions close to the situation. These interventions take the person as well as the organization into account. Technological and didactical innovations indicate fundamental disruptions in the learning and development context. Mastery in a virtuoso manner is important for us – development virtuosity – Passion for development!