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Business Development-Company
Neulands Center for Organizational Development
Wir beraten, begleiten und entwickeln Unternehmen
Neulands Academy for Modern Leadership
Ihr Experte für die Entwicklung von Führung und Führungskräften
Neulands Institute for Personnel Development
Führender Anbieter von Seminaren und Weiterbildungsprogrammen für Fach- und Führungskräfte
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Our most valuable asset is the trust our customers place in us. As client, you entrust us with the participation, preservation and development of the future of your organisation. As a result of this mutual trust, advice and issues can be openly discussed. We do everything to carefully nurture this trust.


Quality is our top priority. Everything we do, we do in the best quality. Therefore we deploy development virtuosos. They are familiar with proven development methods and the latest innovative technologies available. Due to their experience, they know what they are doing. Scientific research and creative design of innovative approaches are expression of our quality understanding.


As a partner of our clients we are aware of the special duties of care of our business. We make prudent, reflected and thoughtful decisions – in short: mature decisions. For our actions we assume responsibility at any time.


Appreciation, openness, honesty and respect – these values form the co-ordinate system for our actions. We are authentic in our activities. On this basis we work with dedication, dignity and professionalism.


We stand for a humanistic shaped view of economy and society.

Therefore we work with the classical canon of values of humanism. We believe: Humanism supports people to educate themselves and develop, to unfold their creative forces and to live their individual freedom in the existing context.


We develop futurities, but do not follow every trend. We go our own way and have our own mind to think. We understand ourselves as cosmopolitan pioneers. But with substance: We research with scientific support and develop inventive, future-orientated concepts – always with the focus on the success of our customers.


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