Presentations can be unusual and fun! We teach your employees how to implement informative, interesting, convincing and lastingly effective presentations. They learn to use PowerPoint and other media in such a way that listeners are motivated and inspired, instead of overloaded and bored. We advocate developing new methods in the use of media, i.e. a creative and brave rethinking of existing presentation methods. We pass on this creativity to our participants.

Our training sessions cover all scenarios, including elevator pitches, small peer group sessions and major client presentations. We reinforce the understanding that different subjects, presentation objectives and target groups may require different solutions. Participants learn to perform effectively, with support from the appropriate media, and thereby to create a direct link between the presented content and the spoken word.

Our focus areas include content structuring, i.e. the dramaturgy of presentations, and personal presence. In groups or individual sessions, we act out presentations or separate sequences and work intensively on apparent strengths and areas for development. In this way, our participants are able to professionalise their performance and increase their personal impact, so that a real difference can be immediately seen in everyday situations.


  • Training employees to represent the company: appearing at trade fairs, approaching clients and illustrating company identification externally
  •  Development of a presentation concept for technical field representatives to present new products to clients
  • Live development of presentations with structures and storyboards, integration of corporate identity in presentations, optimisation of slide design
  • Workshop for field representatives with standard situations in presentations, work on slide design and performance
  • Elevator pitches for executive assistants, creation of templates and ideas for short presentations, to bring decision makers on board incisively and rapidly


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Dr. Stefan Groß
Head of Neulands Institute
for Personnel Development
+49 661 93414-0