Whether you want to speak confidently on stage or whether you want to appear assured and convincing in spontaneous or pre-prepared speaking situations, it always comes down to personal presence and use of language. At Neuland, we live and love the spoken word and aim to infect participants with our enthusiasm and fascination. We provide training in what makes us excel as speakers before an audience: that balance of seriousness, humour and light-heartedness, with which difficult content can be inspiringly communicated.

In groups or individual coaching sessions, we provide your employees with tried and tested tools, with which they can informatively and inspiringly shape their verbal contributions. One of the training objectives is to reduce the fear of public speaking and nervousness and to gradually increase authority in front of groups. We also provide help with structuring content, as well as practical tips that can be used immediately. We also work on how speakers can simultaneously speak to the minds of their listeners and move their hearts with vivid language.

We rigorously scrutinise all aspects in our training sessions. We are not satisfied with merely achieving the required behavioural targets; we go much further and search for answers: What lies behind it? What behavioural models can break through? What obstructive thought patterns can be changed? We simulate performances, give constructive video feedback, work, try, strengthen and improve. We help participants to develop a speaking style and to achieve noticeable progress in a short time, which transforms into successes under live circumstances.


  • Individual rhetoric coaching for a member of the executive board with additional support via email with self-reflection tasks, telephone and Skype coaching and a follow-up day after six months.
  • Individual coaching for a sales manager, work on the theme of “stage fright in speaking situations“
  • Three-level concept to prepare a speaker for an appearance in front of 500 listeners.
    1. Analysis of video material in preparation for individual coaching
    2. Live training: work on the actual speech
    3. Shadowing and complementary feedback
  • Development of a speech concept for a trade fair appearance

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Dr. Stefan Groß
Head of Neulands Institute
for Personnel Development

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