Moderator qualification

Companies, whose meetings are professionally moderated, work and decide much more efficiently than others. Employees or managers trained as moderators reduce the workload of meetings, access the intelligence of the organisation and contribute decisively to the overall success of the company.

We have trained professional moderators for 15 years. We do it our way: With a realistic combination of theory and practice, with demonstration, action, personal feedback and reflection. Participants therefore take maximum advantage of the experience we have gained from countless moderation activities, from board meetings to large group events.

Our training components can be combined in any way. We recommend not only learning acknowledged moderation techniques, strategies for managing discussions and visual interventions, but also reflecting thoroughly on the role and behaviour of moderators. Participants can thereby professionalise not only their technique, but also their personal impact in groups, to the extent that the difference can be seen in everyday work situations.

The following modules are available: principles, backgrounds and basic techniques of moderation, techniques and strategies to manage discussion processes in workshops and meetings, use and effect of visual interventions on structuring and managing group processes, methods for dynamic creative processes and in-depth exchange, virtual moderation and special strategies and techniques for the moderation of conflicts and decision processes. Based on these modules, we can assemble moderator training that is precisely tailored to the circumstances and needs of your company.

Reference projects

  • Multi-level qualification of sales managers for the moderation of client workshops and field representatives meetings
  • Multi-level qualification of HR Business Partners to become internal moderators for workshops and meetings
  • Qualification of an international team of company consultants to implement teleconferences and virtual meetings as part of an international project
  • Individual moderator training for individual employees through a combination of single training sessions from our open seminar programme



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