When you are trying to turn attendees into participants, to develop ideas with a team, to prepare or make decisions in meetings and workshops, moderation is the method of choice. We teach your employees how to moderate events of all kinds (template development, strategy workshops, innovation workshops, management meetings, etc.) and for groups of all sizes. Our trainers pass on the methods they use every day as moderators in companies, to methodically and successfully manage group processes with the right balance of structure and flexibility. Our suggestions and tips are tried and tested in practice. Our training also includes theoretical background information on moderation methods, on managing group processes and on the effective use of visual interventions.

Naturally, you can also take advantage of our moderation experience in other ways: support for your moderators in the creation of dramaturgies or in the choice of the right methods, techniques and procedures. We help you find and formulate the right structures, images, questions and work tasks, or develop complete event formats, which are then implemented by your moderators. You can also book our moderators directly.


  • Conception, preparation and implementation of kick-off workshops as part of a comprehensive change process in all company sectors and across all managements levels
  • Support for a company in planning and implementing measures to change the meeting culture in one sector: training on effective management of meetings, shadowing meetings/meeting managers, workshops on systematic development of ideas for improvement
  • Modular in-house moderator training (moderation techniques, group control, process visualisation)
  • Development of a detailed process for a management meeting with 150 participants, creation of all moderation media and support for client in the implementation of the event as a contact partner for method queries on site
  • Multi-level qualification for HR Business Partners to become internal moderators for workshops and meetings
  • Qualification for an international team on the implementation of telephone conferences and virtual meetings as part of an international project


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