Communication supports us in everyday work situations. We continually communicate with colleagues and employees or we act as contact partners for clients, suppliers and other business partners. Occasionally we have to negotiate hard and we repeatedly end up in conflict situations, which demand constructive solutions. We teach your employees how to communicate in all situations.

We show them how to structure their conversations and focus on results and enable them to use communicative tools wisely. We provide concrete advice on how to maintain a good relationship with a discussion partner at unpleasant moments and even to improve the discussion atmosphere. Our participants receive powerful stimuli to prepare and implement their discussions, focusing on objectives and results, and thereby broaden their behavioural skills. We train participants to address conflicts promptly and to take advantage of the opportunities they present.

We focus on practical implementation and direct use for everyday work situations. For us, it‘s not just about techniques. These can only have an effect if they are authentic and appreciative. We therefore provide plenty of opportunities for self-reflection, using practical sequences with individual feedback and role models. We offer a secure and confidential environment in which to scrutinise the self-image: What effect do I have on others? Why do I always react to certain people in certain situations in the same way? What behavioural patterns affect my negotiation success? How can I use these characteristics to successfully shape my negotiations? We are able to improve your employees‘ communicative abilities, by means of in-depth transfer of appropriate techniques and intensive behavioural work.


  • Training to prepare managers for development talks with their employees (focus: decision whether on technical or management career path)
  • Managing discussions at meetings of field representatives for sales employees, based on actual client situation
  • Qualification for auditors who encounter difficult situations as part of their work
  • Qualification for an international procurement team on communicating with suppliers and end users
  • Raising awareness and qualification for international consultants on dealing with conflicts in client projects in different cultures


Im Gespraech Kommunikation