Collaboration and team development

Team development is often required when teams are newly assembled, when people have to re-locate or new colleagues are integrated after a restructuring process, and when a good team is being developed into a high-performance team. We can provide advice and support for you and your team on this path. Team members can prove themselves in unknown terrain or experience a project kick-off on a joint sailing adventure. Or we can initiate a playful change of perspective, to constructively examine the mistakes that arise in a project. But perhaps it may also be useful to establish a mutual understanding of collaboration and to clarify personal preferences, to turn the existing heterogeneity in the team into a benefit for all, to reduce friction and to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration.

We provide advice and process support according to the current needs of your team. We work on the determined objective and according to the framework provided. We therefore attach great importance to a precise task clarification, where we work out specific issues, set objectives and clarify suitable methods together with you and/or your team. We enjoy taking unconventional routes. That can mean travelling to unusual places; but it can also mean supporting your team in meetings, in order to develop ideas and optimise processes directly on site. Whatever we suggest, our aim is always the same: we want to provide the necessary support to push your team forward, so that success is visible and experienced in everyday situations.


  • Kick-off workshop with the management team as part of a ramble at the start of the new job; 100 days later a reflection workshop focusing on communication and collaboration in the management team and standardisation of the department‘s presence externally
  • Work on a division‘s self-understanding as an organisational unit, identification of difficulties and approaches to solutions in constructive controversy procedures, over 1.5 days
  • Team workshop based on individual values and 360-degree feedback; formulation of principles of collaboration


Als Gruppe Zusammenarbeit Und Teamentwicklung



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Head of Neulands Institute
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