Coach qualification

Professional coaching encourages the development of potential and helps to exploit existing resources. In particular it offers clarification and guidance for the further development of the professional personality, for the target- based awareness of management tasks, for the increase in personal working capacity and the constructive handling of crises and conflicts.

We have provided training for managers, personnel developers, HR employees, project managers and internal trainers to qualify as coaches for many years. We help companies to give their employees and managers target- based support in specialist, methodological and personal issues.

We provide your internal coaches with the precise tools and techniques they need to reach their targets. In addition, they gain a clear view of the possibilities and boundaries of the role of internal coach. Internal coaches can only contribute to company success on the basis of high role clarification and pronounced reflective skills. Our modular training programme lasts from 12 to 21 days, irrespective of the focus areas within your company and the prior experiences of the target group. We explain the theoretical essentials and the most effective intervention methods of systematic solutions-based consultation; we teach the ability to methodically implement coaching processes; and we coach participants in self-reflection.

The learning and development process uses face-to-face training sessions and benefits from a good combination of self-experience, group dynamic and interactive learning. Supplementary measures such as webinars, transfer telephone calls, guided supervisions and intervision sessions increase training success. We are happy to assemble your customised in-house coach training - let our experts advise you!

Reference projects

  • Multi-level qualification of personnel developers in a hospital to create an internal coaching pool
  • Multi-level qualification of trainers and consultants in a consulting firm with a focus on banking sales
  • Multi-level qualification of managers in a bank to create an internal coaching pool



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