Coaching in Personality Development

Coaching is an inestimably valuable tool, which questions existing thought and behavioural patterns. Conversations with an external coach are almost the only way for experienced and established managers to further improve at work. Personality characteristics and behavioural patterns, which have contributed to success for many years, often prove to hinder further professional development after a certain point. Coaching provides an appropriate structure that enables managers to work on sustainable further development. Our coaching sessions cover a wide range of subjects. We primarily focus on issues from everyday work situations, and occasionally on issues from a personal context. Our coaches are specialised in different subject areas. Typical areas of application and approaches include:

Typical area of applications and occasions:

Coaching as a tool for organisational development

  • Support for organisational change processes
  • Background management in situations with high risk of disruption
  • Support for key people acting as role models

Coaching in conflicts

  • Resumption of constructive communication after conflict situations
  • Measures for working out conflicts
  • Changing behavioural patterns in conflict situations
  • Work on excessive need for harmony

Coaching on determining position/stocktaking/personality coaching

  • Dealing with personal resources and health
  • Work-life balance
  • Comparison between abilities and role
  • Determination of development goals (e.g. abilities, more calmness, etc.)
  • As a woman among men
  • Career rules of the game

Career planning and professional orientation

  • Professional objectives, concrete steps towards a new job
  • Self-presentation in interviews and assessment centres