High performance with ease

Research has shown that outstanding performances arise in the „FLOW“, the state of highest performance. Top athletes, Shaolin monks and top managers use the principle of lightness and achieve astounding results. People in the FLOW have a high level of energy, reach their objectives with playful ease and remain confident and capable in pressure situations.

We show your employees ways and means to avoid stress and burnout and optimise their performance through an attitude of ease. We primarily use practical exercises to illustrate the effect of different internal attitudes and to provide participants with their own experiences. Experience is more deeply anchored in the (physical) memory and opens up additional impact levels. Thus achieving a particularly intensive and lasting effect. Cognitive models serve to deepen and broaden the experiences. This process requires a certain openness and maturity from participants.

Concrete examples

  • Part of a trainee program for next generation leaders with high proportion of reflection on own personality

  • Two-day seminar with a high-performance team for technical developments with high deadline pressure

  • Offer for employees who want to „look beyond the horizon“ and are ready to question their thought and behaviour habits



Martin Merdes
Head of Neulands Academy
for Modern Leadership

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