Health maintenance & stress management

Employees encounter various challenges every day. Globalisation and technical innovations accelerate the work; interactions and reactions are condensed. A process, to which employees often feel helplessly surrendered, until the body sends them clear signals. 

There are no simple solutions. On an individual level, the only option is to reflect on personal behaviour and thought patterns on many levels, to develop new strategies and follow them in the long-term. This works best when you reflect on your own resources. On an organisational level, it requires propositions and processes, which promote awareness of the issue, yet do not absolve employees of their own responsibility. Any measure to improve health skills in the company must therefore begin with a detailed analysis of the starting situation and a determination of the target state. We are happy to provide support and clarification on which measures will be expedient and will have a lasting impact in your company.


  • Training for leaders with medical and theoretical input and practical exercises, both with regard to their own situation and in terms of providing an example

  • Training on dealing with stress for concerned and interested employees (voluntary) with long-term support and coaching to improve sustainability

  • Introduction of company health management according to the top-down approach. Joint development of strategy and plan of action with additional training of employees, starting with the upper management level



Martin Merdes
Head of Neulands Academy
for Modern Leadership
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