Resource-oriented self-management

In an era of permanent change, skilful self-management has become a key qualification for professional and personal success. To be successful in the long-term, you have to be able to manage yourself effectively. Resource-oriented self-management begins with a clear estimation of individual possibilities. On this basis, employees can learn to achieve their potential effectively and intelligently even under difficult external conditions. 

Participants reflect on and clarify what is particularly important in their current life situation and decide where they want to direct their attention and energy. They learn how to deal with themselves in a way that focuses on their own resources. This procedure of self-management enables employees to increase their scope of action taking and decision making in future situations. 

Methods include both cognitive and unconscious processes (e.g. Zurich Resource Model).


  • As a module in a development program for future leaders to define their position and develop self-management skills 

  • Regular offer for employees, who recognise a need for self-improvement after employee reviews



Martin Merdes
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