Work organisation and time management

Today working life demands that we achieve more and more in less and less time, that we are always available. Many people feel over-driven and other-directed - and they react like a hamster in a wheel trying to run faster and faster. Leaving the workplace satisfied at the end of the day remains an unfulfilled dream for many people, as they are always thinking of everything that still needs to be done. 

Our training provides your employees with the tools to take the organisation of their life and work into their own hands. Other focus areas include: clarification of different work and organisation types; analysis of existing behaviour and value structure. Based on these insights and a reflective attitude, we develop individual methods and structures to shape the working day more effectively. 

This format focuses on transferring tools and raising awareness of the participant‘s personality features and their impact on individual work organisation.


  • As a module in the basic qualification for new
    employees in the company. Partly coupled with follow-up appointments, which support sustainable implementation and behavioural change 

  • As an offer to all employees, who see a need for improvement in their own work organisation 



Martin Merdes
Head of Neulands Academy
for Modern Leadership
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